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Bicycle Theft

With an increase of bike users in the UK bicycle theft is becoming a more common problem for cyclists, local authorities and the police. Bike thieves are more common and the risk of falling foul to one of these Read more


Scams and Fraud

We’ve identified five tactics that scammers use to hook people in. Knowing these will help you to avoid being scammed.

View the NW Scams and Fraud toolkit

Cambridgeshire Police have published information for you on their website. Use the Read more


Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation is a type of child sexual abuse involving the manipulation or coercion of people under 18 into sexual activity. ​

To help you raise awareness among your community about child sexual exploitation and how to spot Read more


Heritage Crime

Heritage crime is any offence which harms the value of heritage assets and their settings.

Some heritage assets are protected by specific legislation to prevent harm caused by damage or unlicensed alteration. However, other crimes such as theft, criminal damage, arson and anti-social behaviour offences can Read more


Street Harassment

We are calling on all adults in England and Wales to stand up against street harassment. There are many ways we can all do this safely irrespective of age, sexual orientation, gender, race, or ethnicity. Together we can make Read more



Terrorism is the use of indiscriminate violence to spread fear in a bid to achieve political, religious, ideological, or financial aims. This information will help you to find out more about some of the signs that terrorist activity may Read more


Rural Crime

Rural crime has no set definition, however it can be very broadly classified as any crime and anti-social behaviour occurring in rural areas.

Rural crime is often linked to Organised Crime Groups who target rural communities to commit crimes Read more


Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is an umbrella term encompassing slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking. Victims of modern slavery are unable to leave their situation and are controlled by threats, punishment, violence, coercion, and deception.

View the Modern Slavery toolkit


Serious Violence

Serious violence is violence that causes injuries so severe that they require hospital treatment.Some of the increase in serious violence can be attributed to drug-market violence and County Lines where criminal gangs set up drug-dealing operations in places outside their Read more


Elder Abuse

The issue of elder abuse is often a difficult issue to think about. Here are some information and resources and show you who to contact if you’re worried about a neighbour or a friend.

View the Elder Abuse toolkit


County Lines

County lines is a form of criminal exploitation in which criminals groom and manipulate children and vulnerable adults to recruit them as runners to transport drugs and cash all over the country,

View the County Lines toolkit


Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can involve physical or sexual violence, but often includes psychological, emotional or economic abuse.

View the Domestic Abuse toolkit

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