Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behavior refers to any actions or behaviors that disrupt or harm society and the people around us. It can include a wide range of actions, such as vandalism, littering, harassment, aggressive behavior, noise pollution, drug use, and more.

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Better Place to Live Resources

Neighbourhood Watch Logo

The national Neighbourhood Watch recruitment campaign Better Place to Live is now live. Further details are on Ourwatch. One card produced by National is rather unusual, so the exec decided to provide an alternative but if you like Read more


NWN Policies

National Neighbourhood Watch have produced a number of helpful policies which provide a consistent structure for all members of Neighbourhood Watch across England and Wales. All members agree to follow these when joining Neighbourhood Watch.

  • Data Breach Policy
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Modern Slavery

More than 100 victims of modern slavery have been rescued in Cambridgeshire in a year.

You could be walking by it every day without realising. Whether it’s at your local hand car wash, nail bar or takeaway – slavery Read more

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