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Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

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In all cases of child sexual exploitation (CSE), the person exploiting the child or young person is able to create the impression of authority over them in some form. This could be because of their age, gender, intellect, physical strength or economic situation.

Sexual exploitation of children can start through the use of technology, without them immediately realising. For example, they might be persuaded to post images on the internet or via mobile phone without immediate payment or personal gain.

Signs of a child or young person being in an exploitative relationship can vary. Some examples are:

·  going missing from home or care

·  physical injuries

·  misuse of drugs or alcohol

·  involvement in offending

·  repeat sexually-transmitted infections, pregnancies or terminations

·  absenteeism from school

·  deterioration in physical appearance

·  evidence of online sexual bullying

·  evidence of vulnerability on social networking sites

·  emotional distance from family members

·  receiving gifts from unknown sources

·  recruiting others into exploitative situations

·  poor mental health

·  self-harming

·  thinking about or attempting suicide

You can find more information, and find out how to report any concerns, on our dedicated child exploitation web pages.

One report or call to us could change or even save a life.

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