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Grants for NW Groups

Neighbourhood Watch Groups (existing, new groups, or potential new groups) are likely to require funding for room hire, stationery, display equipment, and various activities in order to boost their efforts in the prevention of crime in their locality.

Wherever possible we encourage all groups to raise funds locally since this tends to bind a community together and promotes interest across the community.   There are of course numerous conventional fund-raising opportunities such as street market stalls, auctions, and prize draws etc.

Other funding sources that might be considered include:-

  • Parish and town councils have powers to spend money on various anti-crime measures. This power comes from the Local Government and Rating Act 1997 Section 31 Crime Prevention.    This authorises Councils to spend money on items such as NHW grants and either directly, or in support of another group, for the installation and maintenance of any equipment for the detection or prevention of crime.    These councils do not have a direct responsibility for crime prevention but they do have a clear role for supporting any group working on measures for crime prevention.

Parish councils in Cambridgeshire have used these powers in the past for NHW Scheme grants and for specific NW projects such as replacing barriers in passageways to prevent climbing; CCTV funding, security lighting, etc.

  • Local businesses may be willing to fund NW signage and may well carry out free printing of publicity for NW group projects or perhaps at a subsidised price.
  • Local churches, parish councils, community centres, and even schools may be able to offer a meeting-room without charge, or for a reduced fee, in the light of the community oriented objectives and purpose of the meeting.
  • Local charities also often have in their terms of reference the ability to fund special projects that are targeted on assisting elderly, frail or vulnerable persons.   However, this will not normally cover routine running expenses.

In the event that the above sources do not provide required funds, the Cambridgeshire NW Executive Committee (CNWEC) is happy to consider applications for assistance.    Applicants should forward their submissions, preferably by email [using the Word version of the form Grant Application (Jan 2021)  to the Honorary Treasurer of CNHWA.   

The form is intended to be self-explanatory.   You may send your applications attached to your email to the Hon Treasurer CNHWA or to seek any additional advice and information, or alternatively you can discuss the matter with your District NW Rep, or perhaps send us a Contact Us message.

To view the Executive Gp procedure for scrutinising applications Click Here

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