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The Role of an Executive Representative

The present roles carried out by County Executive Group NHW Representatives are : 

  • Carry out their duties as the executive coordinating body of the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch organisation.
  • Act as the formal link between County NW and the Cambridgeshire Constabulary Headquarters for all policy and procedural matters at a Strategic level
  • Support the Service Level Agreement between Neighbourhood Watch and the Cambridgeshire Police
  • Attend the meetings of the Executive Group at Cambridgeshire Constabulary Headquarters at Hinchingbrooke.
  • Support Cambridgeshire NW Co-ordinators and scheme members
  • Promote the good image of Neighbourhood Watch across the County
  • Encourage the formation and development of N schemes.
  • Approve or reject applications for membership of the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch organisation.
  • Maintain the integrity of Neighbourhood Watch and ensure that members of the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch organisation act in the best interests of the organisation at all times.
  • Exercise their right as necessary to terminate or suspend membership of the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch or any member considered not to be acting in the best interest of the organisation.
  • Advise scheme members, Co-ordinators, police and other agencies of best practice
  • Identify and address issues of local concern
  • Assist in community problem solving, agreeing regularly which problems to target and what action to take
  • Be involved in crime and disorder issues and anti-social behaviour prevention initiatives.
  • Provide volunteer administrators/coordinators to assist in the effective running of the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch organisation.
  • Work in partnership with other watch movements and wider voluntary, public sector and private sector bodies
  • Provide representation on the Eastern Region Neighbourhood Watch / Home Watch Partnership and on groups of other agencies as necessary or requested.
  • Administer the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Executive Group.

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