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How you take part in your community matters is up to you. You can be involved in community activities that can affect both physical and mental health. Taking part can help to improve your skills. Activities that take place in your community can improve a sense of belonging and pride. They can also help people to connect to others, which can particularly help in terms of building trust and self-confidence.

There are many ways in which to help build communities that are stronger and better connected.

  • Community hubs improve trust, pride in the local area and social cohesion by bringing together different groups. 
  • Community engagement in decision making can directly impact on wellbeing, when done well. It can also help to build social networks and improve social cohesion.  
  • Volunteering can improve physical and mental health. It gives a sense of identity and purpose. It can also help people to build their social relationships and encourage others to volunteer in their communities.
  • Learning builds confidence, a sense of purpose and helps people to progress.  
  • Music, art and crafts can improve wellbeing. They have a positive effect on mental health, as well as helping to improve self-esteem. They help others to share their experiences and feel a sense of purpose.
  • Outdoor activities and exercise have a positive impact on mental health.

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