Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association


Some questions to ask yourself and others :

  • Do you know who your vulnerable neighbours are ?   When did you last see them and speak to them ?
  • Does the City/Town or Parish Council have an Emergency and Flood Alert Plan with an up to date list of vulnerable persons ?
  • Are you able to contact the relevant neighbours to discuss their safety ?
  • Are your NHW Members across the village covering their vulnerable persons
  • Do you think there might be border-line cases in your village people suffering from fuel poverty as we now enter the coldest part of the year ?
  • Have you knowledge of what simple action to take to encourage vulnerable neighbours to conserve the heat and keep warm in their homes ?
    • Thicker / warmer multi-layers of clothing.
    • Consider living and sleeping in a single room in the house (i.e. bedding down in the living-room..
    • Keeping curtains closed more.
    • Seal out draughts with spare blankets etc    BUT CAUTION :   There are risks from carbon-monoxide poisoning if adequate ventilation is ignored when auxiliary gas or paraffin heaters are in use.
    • Are they aware of any current flood alerts for your area ?  And who can they contact for help ?

There are many such questions that may need to be asked  and it is the responsibility of County and Parish Councils to enact relevant emergency plans as appropriate to the curret risks prevailing.   Use Contact Us to send us any more information on this topic which you believe might be useful to publicise widely.

For details of current flood risks Click Here

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