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What Does an Association Do?

Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association plays a vital role in supporting and developing local Neighbourhood Watch groups within the Cambridgeshire Police Force area.

We do this by using:

  • Strategy: Supporting the development and achievement outlined in Neighbourhood Watch’s Strategy Plan 2020 – 25 by attending national events, participating on working groups and integrating relevant activity into our own plans.
  • Research: Using research results to inform and target our activity and utilising the Self-Assessment Action Plan Template developed by the Central Support Team to understand where our activity is effective.
  • Resources: Supporting new developments in Neighbourhood Watch by encouraging our members to use Neighbourhood Watch toolkits and advising the Central Support Team of innovative practice by Neighbourhood Watch groups in our local area.
  • Self- Assessment: Using the Self-Assessment Planning Actions to identify and prioritise how we wish to develop our association and target our activity. 
  • Projects: Working with a diverse range of local partner agencies to implement local initiatives or develop our own ideas and projects and share existing or new local projects with the Central Support Team. These initiatives can then be promoted to other areas and opportunities scoped for scaling them up either regionally or nationally.
  • Funding: Access local funding opportunities using the advice and fundraising resources available locally and/or nationally.
  • Communications: Using local and national resources from partners and the Central Support Team in our local campaigns and ensure that publications and information are shared widely throughout local areas to amplify the messages and maximise the impact of Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Technology: Encouraging our coordinators and members to register on the Ourwatch Website when they join or start a scheme, and nominate Multi Scheme Administrators for our area to keep data up to date.
  • Administrative: Responding to enquiries relevant to Neighbourhood Watch that relate to the Cambridgeshire Police Force Area from the public and our partners.

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